The SC ELITE SERIES is the crown jewel in The USAFE flat pack product line. All components are completely man portable and can be carried into locations with restricted access like underground parking or inside buildings. The only tools required are a socket set and a screw driver. The strong container is manufactured with galvanized steel for long life and features several different  options tailored to the do my homework write my essay for me Moving industry .  The SC ELITE is designed to be stacked three high and moved by forklift with each unit at full capacity. Four way fork lift guides allow  the versatility of off loading from dock level or from the ground. The eight foot exterior height allows for ample height inside to store a full length couch on its end. The SC ELITE  can be custom ordered with a number of options to suit the user’s needs including double doors, sliding doors,  shelving, tool bins, vandal bar and powder coating. Available in a large range of colors to match your company’s brand. This makes the SC ELITE the envy of the container world.



  • Container  panels are made of  (0.73 mm) galvanized steel.

  • The one piece floor is made of .75″ (18 mm) OSB.

  • Several door options are available, single or double end or side doors as well as any combination.

  • Several door locking options are available from a double dead bolt to a flush mounted system for the self storage industry.

  • Sizes available are  7’x7′,  7’x10′ and  7’x13′ long.



  • Fully assembled containers can be lifted by crane or fork-lift.

  • There are 4 special fitted jack rings for attachment by crane.

  • Floor load up to 110 lbs/square foot.Total permitted load weight 6600 lbs.

  • Snow load up to 50 lbs/square foot.

  • Roof surface can be reinforced to increase the load to 66 lbs/square foot.

  • Accessories

  • Vandal Bar.

  • Shelving Sets.

  • Four way forklift guides

  • Ramps



  • Simple and fast.

  • Assembles in about 20 minutes with 2 people; saving time and money.



  • Flat-packed delivery, saves freight charges.

  • Or,

  • Delivered pre-assembled, ready for use.